вторник, 28 декабря 2010 г.

Inspiration for my verses

On the New Year's Eve the most romantic is wrapped in a warm plaid to read your poems to the loved one. This place means for me much. In front of you there is a house which outwardly looks as stone , but actually it is wooden and it is one of the most known monuments of Moscow wooden empire style or wooden classicism. In 1835-1836 one of participants of a literary circle "Arzamas" Stepan Petrovich Zhiharev lived in this house, the contemporary and Pushkin's acquaintance. The great poet visited it. Well and after such remarkable walk always inspiring me on creativity I went on a fur-tree market and I choose the most beautiful fur-tree near of which I am going to read poems to my close and favourite people!!! Happy New Year, Friends, your Annushka)))
Winter solitude -
In the world of white color
Musical sound of a wind.