пятница, 8 июля 2011 г.

Oh yeah it's peas

Today, I've had adventures since early in the morning! At first I was caught in the rain,then found a spiritual teacher...so in a word,everything happened so spontaneously, so I couldn't even feel was I alive or not!? Now I'll tell you how it all happened: I came in a cafe to wait out the rain, and while waiting for a best friend and drinking coffee, I saw a girl who smiled me.I immediately felt a great warmth of her smile, and as it turned out it was not by chance!) The name of the girl is Anna too and she is guru of gastronomic delights of Moscow! Recently, I've asked the Man from the Heaven-God, to send me a sign so to understand am I on the right path or not? And my words were heard again! From the first minutes of our acquaintance, I realized that Anna was a part of me! She has an unusual occupation, she prepares food for soul!