вторник, 19 июля 2011 г.

Magic Cake

Finally I figured out all his chores and started cooking a cake to my best friend Sergei Ostrikov. Today I'm going to present this sweet gift to him! It was his birthday not so long ago, but unfortunately I had no opportunity to make him a present in time!Today I'll do it!!!
Now I'm making a feast of homemade chocolate! I hope Sergei will enjoy this chocolate cream too! I'm going to record, preparing the cake consisting of 11 cakes and two kinds of cream for 5 hours. It is very hot in the kitchen, and now my dream is to get a shower so to cool off! Making of my sweet surprise is on its final phase. While decorating the cake you should be relaxed and calm. This process is the most pleasant and creative! I'm a little worried about what would happen ...?? Add a little magic of Annushka..! 
During the process of cooking, I realized one important thing- I still have a lot of unspent love to those who are dear to me and those who I love! Sergey I wish you always remain this cool guy,without precious qualities of your nature my magic would not work)! Happy Birthday! Thank you for your hospitality and love!