понедельник, 21 января 2013 г.

Dancing in Beverly Hills

Doing the Good!
Dear friends, here is the welcome video! Annushka and Mosquitos show give warmth and sun, because in winter people need it more than usual. While watching this movie snows are melting, happy smiles appear and life gets better! Our music, dancing and goodness will be enough for everybody. So feel free and do the good with us.
Благодарим ресторан Beverly Hills Diner за помощь в проведении съемки.
Nikolskaya street, 10, Moscow
8 (495) 221-78-01
Sretenka Street, 1, Moscow
8 (495) 625-42-21
Made by Sergey Trofimoff 
Starring: Annushka & Mosquitos show 

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  1. Ааа.ты крутая! Mosquitos show тоже замечательные!повысили мне настроение под вечер :)